About the Author

William J. Cobb is a novelist, essayist, and short fiction writer whose work has been published in The New Yorker, The Mississippi Review, The Antioch Review, and many others. He’s the author of The Fire Eaters (1994), The White Tattoo (2002), Goodnight, Texas (2006), The Bird Saviors (2012), and The Lousy Adult (2013). He has reviewed books for the Dallas Morning News, the Houston Chronicle, and the New York Times. For over twenty-eight years he taught writing at Penn State and now lives in Colorado, and may be contacted at wjcobb@gmail.com.

The masthead image is a view of Gibson Lake in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of central Colorado, close to where I have a home. The day I took this photo we got caught in a terrific thunderstorm and ended up hiking for two hours in rain and hail, which is pretty typical for the Rockies.