Accolades for "The Bird Saviors"

Rave review in The San Antonio Express-News, here, as well as excellent reviews in The Dallas Morning News, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the Houston Chronicle, and Foreword magazine, among others.
Winner of the Fiction Prize at the Green Book Festival, May 2012.
Good reviews in Booklist and The Library Journal.
Author readings/book signings in Denver, Durango, Steamboat Springs, and the University of Colorado at Boulder, as well as Albuquerque NM, Austin TX, Houston TX, San Antonio TX, Padre Island TX, Missoula MT, and others.
Radio interviews with The Clear Channel, Montana NPR, Colorado Springs NPR.
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“The Bird Saviors is an immersing and emotional piece of literature… In a voice reminiscent of Charles Frazier’sThe Bird Saviors tells a fascinating story of success in spite of chaos, opportunity in spite of despair, and love in spite of hate.”–Booklist
“Bill Cobb’s The Bird Saviors is a stark modern-day Old Testament story in which the evil that men do is barely balanced by the good that a few manage to achieve.  It’s a gritty harrowing story set in a dust-blown Colorado town that seems filled with vivid characters.  Cobb’s expert story-telling compels us forward scene by scene to a final satisfying redemption.”—Kent Haruf

“A novel told with an unexpected and appealing warmth; the characters in The Bird Saviors become increasingly memorable, page by page, and the story pulled me in without hullabaloo or fuss– this is good, confident storytelling.”—Aimee Bender

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