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Review of "The Bird Saviors" in the San Antonio Express-News, and Miles & Miles of Texas

So I’m on a book tour of Texas right now, and have actually driven 1,400 miles so far, from Texline in the northeast part of the Panhandle to South Padre Island at the very southern tip of the state. And … Continue reading

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"The Bird Saviors" Texas Tour 2012: Just like ZZ Top, Only Different

So starting on Thursday I’ll be promoting my novel The Bird Saviors at various events in Texas. Just like ZZ Top, only minus the beards, the guitars, the groupies, and . . . well, okay, nothing like ZZ Top. But … Continue reading

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The End of Growth, Or to Quote Bette Davis, "Fasten Your Seatbelts, It's Going to Be a Rocky Ride."

So there’s a fascinating, if decidedly gloomy, piece in the NY Times today, about one economist’s challenging paper that argues the U.S. (and other industrialized nations) are in store for a dramatic decline in growth, here. The most interesting part … Continue reading

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Unicorn Sighting in Southern Colorado!

So on my drive back from Santa Fe this weekend, while passing through the rugged (and remote) Huerfano County, Colorado, I snapped this photo of that rarest of rare (horses? ponies?) one-horned wonders, a unicorn. And I swear this photo … Continue reading

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At the Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe, in Cormac McCarthy Country

So last weekend I was in Santa Fe, one of the coolest cities in the U.S., and did a reading at the Collected Works Bookstore, which is a beautiful, old-fashioned, high-quality, brick-and-mortar bookstore right off the plaza, on Galisteo Street. … Continue reading

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On Jessica Karbowiak's "These Things I Know" & Simon Winchester in the NY Times

So one of my former students, Jessica Karbowiak, has a knockout book out right now, titled These Things I Know. And though I know much about the book I don’t want to be a Spoiler and give it all away, … Continue reading

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Reading from "The Bird Saviors" in Santa Fe, at Collected Works Bookstore, Oct 4th, 6-7 pm, & 4,000 miles of the Wild West

So for the month of September I’ve driven over 4,000 miles, traveling to Montana and Wyoming for the first three weeks, then finishing off the month with readings from The Bird Saviors in Durango & Boulder, Colorado. I have to … Continue reading

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