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On Tom Perrotta's New Novel, With a Warning About the Last

So in today’s New York Times Book Review Stephen King reviews Tom Perrotta’s new novel, The Leftovers, and has this to say: “Perrotta began his exploration of the stress points between religion and secular American life in his previous novel, “The … Continue reading

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On the Rise of the Fabulous Nothing Class, or As Some Have Phrased It, "Our Royal Wedding"

So I see this Kim Kardashian person mentioned (too often) in the news and do my best to ignore her, and see her best as the butt (pun intended) of jokes from the wry Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm … Continue reading

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On Finishing Tim Flannery's "Here on Earth," in Contrast to Justin Torres's "We the Animals"

So last night I reached the end of Tim Flannery’s new excellent book of nonfiction, Here on Earth: A Natural History of the Planet, which I rate as one of the best books of nonfiction I’ve read since Timothy Egan’s … Continue reading

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Sing, O Muse, of the Dougherty Gang

So there’s something kind of classical about the Dougherty Gang’s story—classically tacky, Florida-style. I probably wouldn’t love their tale as much if they had not been apprehended near my Colorado home base of Custer County. Here’s a good ole-fashioned yellow … Continue reading

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Crossing Paths With the Dougherty Gang in Colorado, On the Lam & Having Fun

So at the start of the week I drove from Southern Colorado to St. Louis, and it seems I crossed paths with the Dougherty Gang—Dylan, Lee-Grace, and Ryan, twentysomething desperadoes from Zephyrhills, Fla. I saw a white car fly by, … Continue reading

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On "Bloodworth," a Film Adaptation of William Gay's Novel "Provinces of Night"

So I finally managed to watch the film adaptation of William Gay’s “Provinces of Night” (the title is a line by Cormac McCarthy), which is titled “Bloodworth.” It’s actually quite good, one of those low-budget films with a terrific cast. … Continue reading

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