On the Rise of the Fabulous Nothing Class, or As Some Have Phrased It, "Our Royal Wedding"

So I see this Kim Kardashian person mentioned (too often) in the news and do my best to ignore her, and see her best as the butt (pun intended) of jokes from the wry Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm (it was a kindly joke, too). But I just read a headline that seems to sum up a national—scratch that, international—21st century malaise: The Rise of the Fabulous Nothing Class. The headline was something to the effect of Kim Kardashian’s (most likely short lived) wedding/hookup being “Our Royal Wedding.” Which we might dismiss as absurd, which it is, but then again, all the hype about Kate & Pippa and that ridiculous, over-the-top, sham monarchy wedding in the U.K. is absurd as well. The cloud of fame and celebrity hangs over the world and seems to blot out the sun of rational thought. Too many people (it seems) ignore the dire state of climate change, economic collapse, and political stagnation, instead focusing on what a hideous troll called Snooki does on Jersey Shore. I’m sure there have been mindless entertainments just as bad as our latest crop of reality TV, only they were in times past, and this is now.

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