Sing, O Muse, of the Dougherty Gang

So there’s something kind of classical about the Dougherty Gang’s story—classically tacky, Florida-style. I probably wouldn’t love their tale as much if they had not been apprehended near my Colorado home base of Custer County. Here’s a good ole-fashioned yellow journalism piece about them via the UK’s Daily Mail, with amusing photos:
And here’s another “news” story that ends in a lie:
Here’s the lie, at the end of the article: “A Rocky Mountain escape made sense to a handful of locals gathered for pizza and beer at Viktorio’s after the chase. Asked why they thought the fugitives fled here, some just pointed toward snowcapped peaks just to the west. ‘It’s as good a place as any to disappear, I guess,’ Garcia said.”
Snowcapped peaks? Sounds nice, but it ain’t true. We’re in a drought out there, and the snow is long gone. That’s just wishful thinking, reporter-style.
But it is a good place to disappear. I do it every summer. Without firing a shot.

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