On Jessica Karbowiak's "These Things I Know" & Simon Winchester in the NY Times

So one of my former students, Jessica Karbowiak, has a knockout book out right now, titled These Things I Know. And though I know much about the book I don’t want to be a Spoiler and give it all away, so I’ll just say it’s a dramatic, punchy combination of memoir and fiction, an adroit melding of the two genres, and is full of heartfelt, moving, traumatic Life. She recently spoke to the blog Glitterword, and even says some nice things about me, which can be found here. Jessica is tough, sassy, and funny, and this book has all those aspects of her personality, and More. Read it.
And one of my favorite nonfiction writers, Simon Winchester (author of Krakatoa, Atlantic, and The Professor and the Madman), has an article in the NY Times this week, here. He has a new book out soon, about this skull collection, and it’s no wonder I like his writing so much: I too have a skull (and Natural History collection, which includes arrowheads, dinosaur bones, and most recently, bison teeth) collection, which includes various Woodpeckers, Grosbeaks, Terns, Elk, Deer, Antelope, Jaguar, and African Lion. Here’s the African Lion, which is perhaps my most farflung acquisition, courtesy of a good friend.

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