UFO Sighting & Blizzard of March '09

On The Day After of the Great Blizzard of March ’09 (The Weather Channel is calling it an Epic Storm. We got 13″ of snow. Nice but I don’t know about ‘epic’), I’m thinking aliens and such: A few nights ago I awoke in the middle of the night and looked out the French doors to my balcony and saw a strange glow in the sky. It was an orange-colored cloud and flashing lights in the northeast. From my balcony I can see a good forty miles or so (the house is on a hillside), northeast to Lake DeWeese and the Royal Gorge area. The lights and clouds, close encounters via Spielberg, were much closer, probably five miles or so. It could have been headlights somehow shining on a snowcloud. There was a bit of cloud in the sky, but this ‘shining’ was much lower than that. And there are a few roads in the valley there, but not many. I tossed it off as nothing more than that.
Until the next night on the local Colorado Springs news they reported a rash of cattle mutilations, the first of which occurred in Westcliffe. They’ve occurred all over the area of Southern Colorado, in wildly disparate locales. About a dozen or so. Now I don’t know. I’ve always wanted to see a UFO. . . . That said, I’m definitely a ufo skeptic. I probably wouldn’t believe unless I was abducted.

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