Why I Love Facebook

So I realize that Facebook now has over 8.9 billion users and is spicing up the lives of so many by reconnecting them to all those people in high school that Lord knows we should never forget or move on from—Eddy the guy who ‘borrowed’ your cigarette for a puff and returned it all squishy from his mush-lips or Belinda the Beauty Queen who had to move away because of some mystery ailment . . . . But here’s why I really love it: Last weekend a friend came to visit whom we had not seen in over a year. First thing she did upon walking in the house was check her cellphone, something that always brings people closer together, standing there while someone talks to someone else on the cell, or reads her text messages. Second thing she did: Opened her laptop to her Facebook page, showing off new photos of (how’d you guess?) herself and (I’m not kidding here) posts from friends from high school saying, “You look terrific! I’m so jealous!” This person did not stop talking for 24 hours and ignored pretty much all her surroundings except her Facebook page. Which I’m sure enriches her life. Go cyberworld!

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