Motel Hell: Free HBO! With "Red Dawn" Exclusive!

After about two weeks of traveling, which included visiting family in St. Louis, I’m back in Pennsylvania, house painting, breathing a sigh that I have DirecTV again. The various motels we slept in while crossing the Heartland all seemed to have the same horrible cable TV, with a lineup that resembles what a victim watches in a tacky motel room as we go to “Killer Cam” viewpoint: Chuck Norris kicking or exploding something, infomercials about miracle towels and natural male enhancement pills, the occasional AMC classic like Red Dawn.
I just saw an infotainment piece about Tom Cruise’s son starring in a remake of that grade -B action movie where the Soviets invade and take over the US, starting in Colorado, of all places (“Go Wolverines!”).,,20285234,00.html?xid=partner-CNNHome-%27Red+Dawn%27%3A+Casting+exclusive%21
The best scene is the Soviet paratrooper invasion at the beginning, machine-gunning the school like the ruthless do-badders they were.
It makes me wonder: How old is Cruise’s son? Is this going to be Red Nightlight: The Toddler Invasion?

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