My Kindle Arrives! (Big Deal.) Now What?

So I’ve been swamped lately with too much reading, including reviewing Joseph Skibell’s 593-page novel titled A Curable Romantic (“It’s okay, but I really wish it were longer . . . .”), & really don’t even have time to think (or blog). But when I do pause to (try to) have a thought or two, I’m thinking: What’s the cure for too much reading? Get a Kindle!
It arrived yesterday, and I do like it, other than some obvious glitches (like why does it put em dashes in where all the hyphens should be, as in “a big—breasted hitchhiker” instead of “a big-breasted hitchhiker”: and then I might wonder what’s that big-breasted hitchhiker doing in Melville’s Moby Dick? Answer: It’s the Kindle ‘updated’ edition. You should see what they did to Ahab). This little reading gizmo was “free,” by the way: Not that the wise folks at tossed one my way to “beta test,” but because I had accumulated many points on a credit card and had to buy something with them, for Chrissakes. You must consume! But hey, there’s an adage here somehow: If you must consume, books are better than most of the junk we buy.
A few observations for those who might be interested in hopping on this bandwagon: It’s smaller than I thought it would be, which I like; purchasing the books is amazingly easy; the typeface (I had heard this before getting one) is rather clunky, but okay; the web-surfing capability is pretty cool, although the screen is small.
I’ve read of many writers lamenting the rise of ebooks, but I’m not one of them. I read a lot and it seems some books would probably be best via e (is this a term?), rather than, say, hardcover. I can see why people who travel a lot (as I do, sometimes) would love them. Bring on the future! Plug me in and beam me up.

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