Review of Joseph Skibell's new novel, "A Curable Romantic"

Here’s a url to my review of Joseph Skibell’s new novel, A Curable Romantic, which appears in today’s Dallas Morning News. It’s a quick review of a rather long (nearly 600 pages in the galley edition), complicated novel.
If I had my druthers, all book reviews would be 1,000 words long (usually my first draft), and all novels 250 pages (just long enough to be pleasing). You’d have to apply for a War and Peace Special Exception Permit, with Soviet-style multiple copies and inky stamps frowned upon by bureaucrats smoking foul-smelling cigarettes in dirty-tile offices with broken venetian blinds. You get the picture: a serious deterrent, but if you’ve got the moxie, keep on truckin’. (Rare to see that word combo.)

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