Timothy Egan in the NY Times on Legalizing Marijuana, or "California Dreamin'"

After my post yesterday of the CNN editorial about the failed War on Drugs, I have to call out Timothy Egan’s excellent op-ed in this morning’s NY Times, under the witty headline “Reefer Gladness.” He even knows the person who’s the inspiration of the Coen Brother’s namesake Dude character in The Big Lebowski:

As readers of this blog will recognize, I rate Timothy Egan as one of our best nonfiction writers, and I’m hardly alone: The Worst Hard Time (2005) won the National Book Award for Nonfiction, and I’m still reading The Big Burn (2009), which seems just as good. He writes about the West, generally, but also puts those issues in a national context, makes them important for all of us.
I don’t pay much attention to California politics, but I’ll be interested to see how the vote on Prop 19 unfolds, election night.

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