On Witches, Thugs, and Kooks: Or a Politician Near You, With an Apology (of sorts) to Jon Stewart

I noticed two good pieces on the (embarrassing) political choices we face in less than a month, Gail Collins in the NY Times, dissecting the weirdness in Connecticut:
http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/07/opinion/07collins.html?hp, plus another piece, which includes Jon Stewart on The Daily Show having fun with Christine O’Donnell:
Since everyone seems to be apologizing to someone, I’ll apologize to Jon Stewart for dissing him, because he made me laugh out loud. You get extra points for laughter, big time.
I’ve actually seen Christy O’Donnell in some of these sound bites and I can agree that she comes across as a likable-enough airhead, but Good Lord, not for a senator. I love the “I’m not a witch. I’m you” approach. It should be a slogan for our Wacky 2010 Election. Palatino in New York comes across as a thug, Angle in Nevada as a kook, and now we have a Witch, to boot! The fact that O’Donnell hasn’t been able to handle her own finances well enough makes her seem like another Reality Show Sleaze looking to turn a pretty face into stardom. Only in this case, she’d be one of only 100 voices on legislation for our entire country.  Unfortunately, I agree that in some cases, the Democrats have put up candidates who seem only slightly better. There should be a new reality show called, “Who Wants to Be a Politician?” We could give Immunity Idols (congressional districts) to some, and others, let’s just vote them off and let them make a bad scifi movie as punishment, like Sarah Palin, who would make a good alien/human hybrid cancer that takes over a country.

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