Corporate Shills Screwing Democracy, Plus Tattoo Publishing

It seems everyday brings a new (at least ‘recent’) low to our wobbly democracy: the Republican-dominated Supreme Court aka Justice John Roberts, Clarence Thomas, Scalia et al have rigged the campaign finance laws to be now meaningless, allowing huge corporations to pour money into campaigns and for candidates who are their shills. (Stateswomen like Christie O’Donnell, who doesn’t know the 1st Amendment guarantees freedom of religion.) There’s another good piece in the Times this morning about that outrageous situation of corporate money flooding into campaigns:

But notice the Tea Party Express, ostensibly all about being a voice of the “people,” doesn’t seem outraged to be funded by a few billionaires out to protect their interests? And influence elections so thoroughly it feels we’re back in the Boss Tweed days? (At least Boss politics got you drunk on election day.) No, their platform consists of anti-healthcare reform (which means what? it’s fine as it is?) and climate change denial.
On the lighter side of the news, this just in from a lit magazine call for submissions:
“We are currently in the process of creating the inaugural issue of “Apropos,” an online journal which aims to demonstrate the symbiotic relationship between technology and the arts. Our publication will serve as a forum to promote poetry, prose, fine arts, music, crafts, tattoos, and all other forms of art.”
Note the slip-it-in-there mention of “tattoos”? They’re publishing tattoos now? What’s next? Scars? Wounds?
I want a story collection called “Warts and Other Blemishes.”

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