A Reason for Holiday Glee: Coen Brothers' "True Grit" to Open December 22nd

So the filmmakers who are putting pretty much everyone else to shame have a Christmas present (and they’re Jewish, to boot) for the world, their adaptation of True Grit, starring Jeff Bridges stepping into John Wayne’s boots. Here’s the official website, which includes some killer trailers: http://www.truegritmovie.com/
I’m old enough to have seen the 1969 original, which garnered an Oscar for John Wayne, although it was comically bad in parts, mainly for having Kim Darby and Glen Campbell in key roles. I remember a goofy scene in a rattlesnake pit. Whatever the original was, the Coens are going to blow it out of the water, and probably most every other film of 2010, considering the rather weak year it has been, mainly one anonymous romantic blahmedy after another. All is not lost. If I can swing it, I’m seeing this one in Colorado, on a snowy night.

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