No Fence-Sitting Here: Republicans Are Anti-Environment, and That's a Major Difference

So Paul Krugman had a good piece recently about the issue of media fence-sitting, decrying those b.s. ‘journalists’ who repeatedly say, “Washington is broken! Both parties are to blame!” He then details just exactly how wrong the Republican and Tea Party positions are on most issues. And he’s right. Especially on environmental concerns. Here are a couple gems (or lumps of coal) in the news recently, detailing the Republican environmental positions. In the first one, the Republican candidate Huntsman (barely a moderate, I’d say) is taken to task for giving lip service to environmental issues. This quote sums it up: “He is speaking to a microscopically small segment of the Republican primary that has no impact on the primary,” said Florida-based GOP strategist Rick Wilson, who is not aligned with any candidate. “Last time I looked at the polls, environmental concerns ranked somewhere near fear of getting hit by an asteroid.” Here’s the url to the article:
The second one is about how the Republicans, especially the Tea Party phonies, are doing everything they can to eviscerate the EPA and all environmental regulations, here:

I don’t even like Mayor Bloomberg, but at least he sees the need for environmental change, and has come out against Big Coal. Under the umbrella of being Pro-Business, the Republicans are dooming our country, and our world.

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