Review of Justin Torres's novel(la) "We the Animals"

So my review of Justin Torres’s debut novel, We the Animals, appears today in the Dallas Morning News, here:
It’s a good, short book. I point out that it’s closer to a novella than a full-figured novel, but that’s not a damning criticism, in my view: Short & punchy is greatly favored over long-winded & tedious. (I could name names here, but I won’t. But in the last year I reviewed two novels over 800 pages each, and both were twice as long as needed.)
I saw the review of this book today in the NY Times, and I noticed their reviewer avoided giving away the ending, same as I. It’s no big mystery, and I’d already guessed it before the moment it’s revealed. It’s a cultural thing, really, why we’re holding back. And we’re being fair to the writer/reader, not wanting to telegraph the book before people interested have a chance to judge for themselves.

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