Climate Change Coverage in the NY Times

So I have decidedly mixed feelings about most of our media, no matter how much I read or watch it, as I imagine most of us do. (I make a point to read CNN just to see the latest blather of the neconservative/supposedly liberal media at work. Fox News? I can’t stoop that low.) But this morning I’m heartened to notice the continued coverage of climate change in the NY Times, evidenced by these two articles. The first is about the Republican denial of climate change, here:

That’s an easy target to hit, but I’m glad to see them summing up the various candidates blatant conservative pandering/stupidity so well. And this morning they offer a more difficult pill to swallow, directed toward the believers like myself—and everyone, actually, here:

These two opposing points of view illustrate the difficult choices we face. The Times is standing out as a pillar of intelligence in the dumbed-down world of mass media.

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