"The Descendants" & Kardashian Wannabes

So like all good (and not-so-good) Americans I ended up at a mall (in St. Louis) today, amused by the Kardashian/Jersey Shore wannabes with their alien-life-form hair and Cleopatra-on-meth eye makeup, getting a Teddy bear made from scratch, which was actually a rabbit dressed as a princess. Afterward we ended up seeing the new Alexander Payne film, The Descendants, starring George Clooney in a good role, like Up in the Air only different. But the teenage daughter of the film kind of stole the show. It’s funny, sad, and touching, with no car chases or things exploding, and I don’t remember any vampires or zombies, but they were probably lurking in the parking lot. The best part involved a grumpy old grandpa and an insolent if harmless teen.

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