News On the Cormac McCarthy Front: Baby Eater No. 2 Speaks! Plus a New, Original Screenplay by CM

So for all the Cormac McCarthy fans out there, of which I am a most enthusiastic one, here’s an odd bit of info that just fell into my lap about the film version of The Road (2009). Before I saw the film I wondered how they would handle that scene late in the novel when the father & son see a pregnant woman and a couple of men in the distance, and then later come upon their camp, only to discover the newborn baby roasting on a spit over a campfire. I remember thinking the first time I read the scene, Now that’s too much. The film certainly kept quite close to the material of the novel, but that is one scene not present in the finished film. But . . . .
Apparently originally it was meant to be. How do I know this? I met Baby Eater No. 2! (Or it may have been Baby Eater No. 1. I forget.) He’s actually a student in one of my classes. He was an aspiring actor in the Pittsburgh area, and he auditioned for a “hairy male” role in the film, and got it. They filmed the scene, but it ended up on the cutting room floor, as they say. He seems to think they decided it was too gross. (I’m not surprised.)
There’s also one other bit of Cormac McCarthy news in the air: He’s apparently written and sold a screenplay, titled The Counselor. This is not really shocking, a foray into screenwriting: In interviews he mentioned that he had originally written No Country for Old Men as a screenplay, but couldn’t sell it (??), and then wrote the novel. Here’s the link about the new screenplay:

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