On the Documentary "Gasland": a Real-Life Horror Film

So I see plenty of movies that I don’t say a word about, either because they’re too familiar to bother commenting about (Bridesmaids maybe) or because they’re not worth a comment (The A-Team, anyone?), but for a while I’ve heard about the documentary Gasland and just recently bothered to watch it. I think my reluctance has to do with the AQ or Anger Quotient: If it makes me so pissed off that I want to scream, is it worth watching? I say Yes. And it did exactly that. (Well, maybe not scream. Growl?) Part of it focuses on the despicable practices of the natural gas companies who are fracking up the countryside of Colorado and Wyoming, two states/areas I know fairly well. It’s shocking. Although I understand the argument that we need natural gas for energy, there must be a better way than this: One more respectful of both the environment and the people. All I can say for sympathetic souls is Watch the film. You’ll think differently about fracking.
Here’s the film’s website: http://www.gaslandthemovie.com/

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