Back From Beyond: On Miles and Miles of the Ridiculous Names of RVs

So for most of July I’ve been traveling in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming, rafting the Green River in Utah and then backpacking in Yellowstone, which was all lovely and adventurous, but going from place to place was a drive nearing 3,000 miles. Egads. I keep expecting RVs to die out, the way the dinosaurs did, but no, they’re still here and clogging up the roadways. All kinds of them, my (least) favorite being the ones as big as a tour bus for ZZ Top, often towing a car. Their names are always ridiculous, too, like Zephyr, Hitchhiker, Adventurer, and SeaBreeze. Let’s try for a little honesty, people. What about Gas Hog, Behemoth, or Campsite Monster? Lumbering Beast, maybe?
Meanwhile I’m back reading, reviewing books, and working on a new novel. But in the meantime, I’ll share this pic, taken on the outskirts of Idaho Falls, Idaho:

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