Big Dominguez Canyon

So I’ve just returned from a six-day river rafting trip in western Colorado, on the Gunnison River in Big Dominguez Canyon, which my pal Barack has recently approved as a Wilderness Area. Beautiful redrock canyons, great birds: We saw Bullock’s Orioles, Canyon Wrens, Blue Grosbeaks, Scott’s Orioles, Western Kingbirds, Bank Swallows, Bluegray Gnatcatchers, Yellow-Breasted Chats, Bald Eagles, and Peregrine Falcons, among others. Also spotted a beaver, a fox, deer, bighorn sheep, and a lone donkey on a hilltop. The river is mellow enough for my two-year-old, with only Class II rapids. There’s rock art dating back to the Anasazi era and up to 19th century (see photo below).
Our favorite spot was the junction of the Gunnison River and Big Dominguez Creek, where Big Dominguez Canyon meets the river (see photo below). The worst moments included a sea of mud after a thunderstorm and a swarm of ungodly mosquitos.

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