On Twitter Now: Mass Media Imbecility!

If I hear another idiotic, brain-dead plug of Twitter from the mass media I’ll be screaming like Robert Downey Jr.’s gay monk character in the trailer for Satan’s Alley (for this little gem, see the opening credits of Tropic Thunder). I’m sure Twitter is no worse than blow driers or mascara, something I don’t use but I’m sure provides a useful function, as it is blah blah blah friggin’ blah. The constant chatter about it falls under the category of What’s Wrong With America. Frank Rich recently reported in his NY Times column a factoid that 60% of Twitter-ites drop it within the first month. Presumably because they have something better to do.
I realize, of course, that I’m writing a blog here, meant to be read by the same people who might follow someone else on Twitter. And being a human who tries to keep up with the world while living in the hinterlands, I love my WiFi access, and read a few excellent blogs (NY Times DotEarth blog is one of my favorites, and sports blogs as guilty pleasures). But the mediaworld plugs Twitter shamelessly, as if it’s the cure for hemorrhoids. With all the problems in the world, they seem to think that another instant-gratification Tweet makes a difference in our lives. God help us.
On a less-disgusted note, I have three wild turkeys living in my yard, who remind me daily to forget the idiocy of Twitter, American Idol, Britian’s Got Talent (groan), and whoever those pathetic losers are named Jon + Kate + 8 sad, soon-to-be-children-of-divorce. We’ve had regular visits from deer and a shaggy, cinnamon-colored black bear.
Plus I’m going river rafting this weekend (Gunnison River) and expect to be serenaded by coyotes and owls.

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