On the Idiocy of the Tea Party Express

Other people (and politico bloggers, I’m sure) have written more about this than I, but the sheer idiocy of the Tea Party movement is making me embarrassed for our country. (That and The Bad Girls Club, but that’s another story.) The idea that cutting taxes (and spending on domestic agenda, but don’t cut the military! we need those bombs!) will solve our economic woes is categorically idiotic: especially when you’re talking about extending the Bush tax cuts, which mainly benefit the wealthy. If I hear one more thing about Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, I’m going to jump out a window. (Actually, scratch that: I’d be dead before 10 a.m.). This stupidity is given much airtime and credence in mainstream media venues (such as CNN, Fox News), so I have to share a video sent to me by a friend (Thanks, Morris!) on YouTube, which shows some Tea Partiers at that Godliness rally in D.C. I applaud the young guy doing the interviews here.

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