The Coral Is Dying and Don't Let Anyone Say "No One Saw It Coming": With a Nod to Warren Brussee's "The Second Great Depression"

One of the convenient lies about the financial crisis is the oft-stated excuse, “No one saw it coming,” usually referring to the real estate bust that triggered the credit crunch that ate the mouse that scurried away from the house foreclosure that led to the Great Recession. It’s all bullshit. Back in 2006 I read Warren Brussee’s  The Second Great Depression: 2007-2017 (2005), which basically made the argument that the world’s debt was going to kill the global economies for a decade or so, until we get our financial ducks in a row. It’s a fairly one-dimensional argument, and I thought the book was only so-so, though convincing enough.
Cut to 2010, no progress in any significant climate change policy. In today’s Scientific American there’s a piece about the rapid die-off of coral in the Caribbean.
In the not-too-distant future, the mainstream idiots surely won’t be able to claim, “No one saw it coming,” will they? You never know. George W. is back in the news and history is quickly being rewritten.

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