The People Smarter Than Voters? Obama's Approval Rating at 63%, With a Dig at Spineless Turncoats on the Comedy Channel

After all the mainstream blather about the recent midterm elections being a repudiation (as opposed to ‘refudiation,’ which is what Sarah Palin does every time she opens her mama-grizzly mouth) of Obama and his policies, this little gem today makes you scratch your head in wonder: Obama’s approval rating is 63% in the poll of polls.

Poll: More than six in ten give President Obama thumbs up

One thing it reminds me of: in Clinton’s dog days of impeachment, polls generally gave him approval ratings in the high sixty percentile area, all the while the Republican hypocrites spent $50 million plus of our money to prove he had sex with an intern. (He did. They were jealous.)
Considering the no-balls media stooge Jon Stewart has had a long conga line of Republican stalwarts on his show recently, including Eric Cantor and Newt Gingrich, perhaps he should invite Sarah Palin to kick off her presidential campaign run on air, so Stewart, the spineless turncoat, can giggle and feel superior.

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