Neros Fiddling While the World Burns, Sooner Than You Think: the National Research Council's Report on Climate Change

So I’ve been (mildly) obsessed with Climate Change for a decade or more now, and am thoroughly disgusted at the anti-science, anti-education, pro-stupidity behavior of most of the Republican Party (i.e. Texas hick rep Joe Barton), or more accurately known as the Know-Nothing Party, even in the face of unified agreement of scientists and experts. So last week arrived the report titled “America’s Climate Choices” via the National Research Council, and I’ll note that even some Republicans advocated its stark and alarming findings. The whole report can be found here:
We’ve reached the point that only a combination of stupidity and greed can be offered as motivation for some of the anti-mitigation efforts that basically rule Congress: Big Oil has bought off the chumps, and our children will suffer. We don’t need to argue about the grandchildren. Children. It’s all happening faster than predicted and will likely have long-term consequences. Obama’s administration hasn’t been able to get anything done, in part because of the myth that these mitigation efforts will be expensive and ‘hurt business.’ (And I blame the Democratic-controlled Congress of his first two years for that, too.) They’re all short sighted and bought off by business. It’s hard not to shake one’s head and growl, “We’re doomed, man. We’re doomed.”
Here’s a picture of my Sangre de Cristo mountains this week, which have suffered a snow drought this year, even though most of Colorado has had a good snow season, due to La Niña.

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