Proposition 64 Passes in Colorado & Mitt Is a Loser, Which Means It's a Good Day

So my (second) home state of Colorado voted to legalize “recreational” marijuana. Cool. It’s like volleyball now! (Only where you keep forgetting the score.) Enough already with this Prohibition, Part II.
Obama even mentioned “this warming planet” in his acceptance speech—though it did sound somewhat like “Mormon planet” when he said it.
And about that Romney dude, that Mitt? Aren’t we glad we won’t have to see his smirk anymore? The pundits on TV are all saying Obama’s election to a second term is a result of demographics, but could it just maybe be that Romney lied in TV ads and his policies were untenable (disband FEMA, overturn Roe v. Wade, etc)? Methinks the sun hath set on the Romneys of the world, for a moment, at least.

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