Review of "The Bird Saviors" in the High Country News, and a Literary Find in Cormac McCarthy's "Blood Meridian"

So there’s a nice review of The Bird Saviors in the High Country News (not to be confused with High Times, which is a fuzzy horse of a different color), a great journal about the West, here. I’ve been too busy to blog much recently, but one thing I’ve been doing is rereading Cormac McCarthy’s epic novel Blood Meridian (1985), where I noticed this similar phrasing: Note how the following passage—”They drank on and the wind blew in the streets and the stars that had been overhead lay low in the west and these young men fell afoul of others and words were said that could not be put right again . . . .” (page 43, italics mine)—compares to the phrasing at the end of The Road (2006), in which he refers to a “world that could not be put right again,” both passages about going so far that you can’t go back, be it the end of mankind or the end of a young man’s life.

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