Review of Wilton Barnhardt's "Lookaway, Lookaway," Plus My Daugher as a Horse

So I feel like a bad blog Daddy now, neglecting my child for so long, though I’m not neglecting my real daughter, as the photo below will attest—or at least judged by the standard of taking cool pictures of her wearing a horse mask. And if we have to make a choice, I’ll gladly trade being a good father to a flesh-and-blood daughter rather than my little blog Oliver, whimpering boldly, “Can I have some more, please?” So here’s my review of Wilton Barnhardt’s comic Southern novel, Lookaway, Lookaway, that appeared in the Dallas Morning Newshere.
The review actually came out in early September, but I was working as a “deep cover” cop with a biker gang, and couldn’t access a laptop. Because, you know, biker gangs aren’t really “Mac people,” and with me being a Mac person, I couldn’t navigate the beer-smelling PC that Scarface Sammy offered me, right after saying something derogatory about my manhood, because, you know, I took the time to actually read a book. And split an infinitive! It’s hard to infiltrate a biker gang (called, aptly, “The Dangling Modifiers”) and not make a grammatical slip now and then, if for no other reason than, you know, to be cool. So meanwhile, my daughter as a horse:

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