Kayaking the Flathead River, Glacier National Park, Montana: What I Did for My Summer Vacation

So I feel sorry for my lonely blog in the summer months, as I’m scrambling around the country and doing various other things than spending time on the computer, but I’m back at work (and on my laptop) once again and can report that a good time was had by all—or all those I was around, at least. In June I spent two weeks up in northern Montana, kayaking (and rafting) the Middle Fork of the Flathead River, on the western border of Glacier National Park. It was lovely. Here’s a photo of the wildflowers in one of our riverside camps:

It was a cold, swift river, with the mountains looming in the distance. One of the highlights of the trip was a stopover at Polebridge, a village of sorts near the river, which has both a saloon and a bakery famous for its Huckleberry Bear Claws.

It was a hoot. We spent the afternoon playing cards and volleyball and the kids loved it, so for a “bar” it was pretty family friendly. I noticed this sign and tried to use the side door, but couldn’t find it.

Ospreys and Bald Eagles flew over our heads. We locked up all of our food at night and saw and heard no grizzlies, but at one point were serenaded by a Screech Owl. Most of the landscape looked something like this:

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