Hurricane Harvey Hits Home Town, Like I Predicted in "Goodnight, Texas"

So my misspent years in high school were dithered away in the Texas coastal town of Rockport, which appears to have been the epicenter of Hurricane Harvey’s landfall last night. Back in 2006 Unbridled Books published my novel Goodnight, Texas about just such an event, which back then had many similarities to Hurricane Katrina, but which I wrote before Katrina actually happened. I better not write anything about a nuclear war with North Korea. (Just kidding!) This novel was the first of a loose trilogy in which the novels are linked by a focus on landscape affected by Climate Change, with the second two being set in the drought- and fire-prone Southwest, particularly Colorado, where I live when I can, and The Bird Saviors was the second of the novels, with the last novel being my current project, which is in the final stages of editing.

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