"Underwater" movie review: You think you got a big monster?

So in this time of virus lockdown and pandemic horror, let’s imagine creatures that don’t exist and have some scary fun! Or that seems to be the thinking of whoever made the new Kristen Stewart film, Underwater. It’s like Alien meets Gravity in The Abyss. There’s an enormous monster who would kick Godzilla’s ass, and Kristen Stewart in spiky blonde hair and a skimpy black swimsuit. What’s not to like? Well, it’s all a bit silly, but at times, does have its exciting moments, in that action/adventure mode. Kristen Stewart plays a character like the heroine Ripley of Alien, though she’s no Sigourney Weaver. Her absurd trek to save herself and her buddies echoes Sandra Bullock’s improbable escape-ride in Gravity, and it’s all in the deepest (but not darkest) depths of the ocean, ala The Abyss. Enjoy.

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