"The Hunt" Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love a Bomb

So we all heard the hoopla about the notorious “anti-liberal” film The Hunt back in the Fall, causing its debut to be delayed, but it’s out now and it’s a hoot. First let me admit to being roughly in the category of a progressive or liberal, although that has a much different meaning to me than to most of the right-wing world. So theoretically I’m in the category who would find this flick offensive, but it’s so comical, so slapstick and silly, you’d have to be a dolt to get your dander up. The “elites” who are hunting the “deplorables” in the film are comical caricatures to the extreme, and the dialogue is meant for laughs. At one point an “elite” couple posing as a Mom & Pop owners of a country store slaughter three deplorables, and their store is shown to be a ruse to trick the hicks: the food items on the shelves, including powdered donuts, are poisoned. So when they’re mopping up the blood spilled after their killing spree Mr. Elite grabs a bottle of juice from the cooler and starts to drink. His wife freaks and says, “It’s poison!” He spits it out, and then she adds, “You know how much sugar is in there?” That’s how the humor tends to go. Hillary Swank plays the Queen Elite, and gets into a long catfight with the heroine of the deplorables, and you guess which one comes out on top. (The one who shares her champagne on the flight home with the flight attendant, that’s who.) I laughed out loud several times. It’s gory and campy and in that comic/horror tradition of Scream and many others. I did think the eyeball stuck to the end of a high heel shoe, which had been plunged into a deplorable, was a bit much.

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