The End of the World, Yawn—Or a Stupidity Gauge

So last night I’m watching ABC News (which I do just to keep an eye on what idiocy is in the mainstream media—answer: plenty) and they actually interviewed some craggy old nutcase who is apparently the “prophet” behind today’s Rapture event, and I’m thinking, How stupid can we get? Pretty stupid, that’s for certain. It makes me think of the old drunk in the diner in Hitchcock’s The Birds, croaking, “It’s the end of the world!”
An even stronger gauge of stupidity, probably embraced by the same crowd, is the new book out about the Birther controversy. It’s embarrassing, is what it is. But at least Trump seems to be fading fast. And on the Republican side, that windbag Gingrich is actually in trouble for voicing some moderate opinions, good God.

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