On Heather Sellers' "You Don't Look Like Anyone I Know," Ken Kesey, & Those Amazing Miners

First off, on this day of all happy days, how can you not be thrilled and chilled by the rescue of the Chilean miners. Like everybody else, I watched on TV and on websites. I was even made proud to hear that a Berlin, Pennsylvania-based company built the drill bore device that drilled the 2,000 plus foot hole. It’s all simply amazing.
Also in the good news category, this weekend I read an excellent review of a good friend’s memoir in the NY Times, here:

I met Heather Sellers in 1994, I believe, in Wimberly, Texas, at an event featuring none other than once-Merry-Prankster and all-outstanding novelist Ken Kesey. Wimberly is a small resort town in the Hill Country, with a few restaurants/barbecue places. Heather and I went to one of them for lunch and only one other table in the cafe was occupied. I leaned over to her and whispered, “See that guy over there? That’s Ken Kesey!” I wanted to go ask for his autograph but didn’t, afraid I’d be a pill. Famous writers deserve their space, too.
This was at a conference and later Kesey took to the stage to do a Merry Prankster performance. I heard it was good. I don’t know. Heather and I sat in the bar telling stories. She’s a peach, a powerful writer, and we should all read this memoir.

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