Larry David Does "Mad Men" Parody

I don’t blog much about TV, in part because it seems I’m so busy that I don’t watch as much tube as I did in past, nonchildcare years. But I’m a big fan of Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, which is in its new season, the much ballyooeed “Seinfeld Reunion.” I’d say it’s been pretty hit and miss so far, with some hilarious moments amid a lot of so-so. The Seinfeld Reunion is only in its infancy, with a few jokes about what the Seinfeld cast really think of Larry. But  Sunday’s episode, “The Bare Midriff,” was the best. Particularly Larry’s “Mad Men” parody was laugh out loud funny, especially when he asks his bride if she’s looking forward to sex, and then the blood splattered the windshield. It also hinted at shades of Charles Grodin in The Heartbreak Kid (1972). I won’t give it all away. You have to see it. It’s not on TV, it’s on HBO.

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