"127 Hours" in Theaters Now, But Not Everyone in Utah Loves Aron Ralston

Last summer I stayed a few days in Green River, Utah, at the River Terrace Inn, a cool hotel right on the river, with a pool and hut tub, plus great birding: Scott’s Orioles, Western Tanagers, and Bullock’s Orioles, all showy types, just to name a few, winging through the mass of trees and rush of water just beyond our balcony. The restaurant had good food, and after the knockout breakfast, the owner came out to chat with guests. Somehow the subject of Aron Ralston came up, and apparently he had visited town during the filming of the movie, which was set nearby. The owner recounted how he went up to Ralston in the cafe and told him he wasn’t welcome there, because his stupidity had cost the state a huge amount in fees for search and rescue people, and Ralston, who made a considerable amount of money from his book/movie deals, did not pay them. **Note: This is what was said, but I don’t know if it’s actually accurate.** I thought it was a funny example of that, “We don’t like your kind around here” staple joke, only “your kind” refers to a rock climber off alone (a serious no-no, for good reason, in the rock climbing world), who later doesn’t show enough appreciation for his searchers. I used to be a (somewhat) hardcore rock climber, and yes, I can vouch for many who would frown at Ralston’s foolishness. But then again, he paid a high price for it, right? But then again, I read how he has habitually done risky things, like ski alone and get caught in an avalanche, so I suppose at some point we can just shrug.
The film, “127 Hours,” actually looks intense, from the trailer. Here’s a url to a piece in the Huffington Post about how the movie is making people faint and vomit. So it must be good:

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