Christo's Next Art Project, "Over the River," Gets Approved, and Will Be in My Backyard

So there’s good news for art lovers of the world: Installation-art guru Christo has finally got approval for his project titled “Over the River,” which will be located about twenty short miles north of my Colorado home, on the Arkansas River in Big Horn Canyon! His last project was the Gates project in New York’s Central Park, and was a huge success. I think it will be way cool: A shimmering river of mylar panels hovering over the Arkansas River, which Zebulon Pike explored in 1806-7, right after Lewis & Clark’s exploration of the Louisiana Purchase in 1804-1806. Here’s a url to the Times article about its approval:

Big Horn Canyon is beautiful, and Christo has said he searched the entire Western U.S. to find just the right conditions, and found it there, in my back alley. (I know the distance is more than an alley, but we often drive 60 miles to go to the supermarket out there, so exaggeration keeps it in context.)

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