ABC News as Conservative Media Bias

I watch network TV these days only to keep an eye on what mainstream media bullshit is being tossed about, and the last week or two have seen several doozies: Last night their “White House correspondent” (nitwit in D.C.) Jake Tapper finished his segment on the president’s reaction to the possible terrorist bombs with the implication that Obama was hitting the campaign trail tomorrow, purposefully ignoring the danger that these terrorist bombs pose, which is absurd. Consider that our “intelligence gathering” budget was revealed at $80 billion dollars:,0,2145088.story
So with all those (bogus) professionals at the CIA, Obama has to stay in D.C., in case he might need to don a cape and fly out to save an airline?
When interviewing Bob Woodward about his latest book, Obama’s Wars (a doubly bogus title, that: like he chose them), Dianne Sawyer ended the segment with Woodward emphasizing the president said, “We can survive another terrorist attack,” as if this were anathema to admit. But it’s obviously true: What would he have Obama say? “I don’t think we’ll survive another terrorist attack”? That would please everyone, wouldn’t it?
And lastly on an interview about recent natural disasters, they actually interviewed Michael Brown, Bush’s head of FEMA during the Katrina disaster, as an “expert”! Where do spectacular incompetents and failures serve as experts? On ABC News, for one.
It leads me to wonder: Do they really think the “repeal healthcare legislation/tax cuts for the wealthy” is a sound policy? Perhaps so. It does favor the status quo, after all, and that’s what mainstream media tends to reinforce. Let’s bring back the Bush years! He’s got a memoir coming! Maybe we’ll find out things were great for those eight years. Ignore the fact that the Great Recession followed his economic policies. It’s back to the past!

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