On Reading Tim Flannery's "Here on Earth" on an iPad

So I’m now reading Tim Flannery’s Here on Earth on my iPad, which is a curious and thrilling experience. Early on he’s discussing the works of Richard Dawkins and memes, of the spread of ideas, of how much faster cultural evolution takes place than physical evolution. Where does the iPad angle come in? iPads seem more than an object, more than the limited gadget that is the Kindle. I recently saw a factoid than 16% of households already own iPads, in the short time they’ve been on the market. They are ideas reproducing themselves, via the symbiotic apps.
And all this is also to say that Flannery’s book is remarkable, comparable to Jared Diamond’s Collapse (2004). Both books have a perspicacity (a word I don’t use often) that is remarkable, a marco view of the planet, culture, and the interaction of the natural world with the human that is both enlightening, fascinating, and in its way, charming. Read it.
Here’s a url to a website that is hosting a talk by Tim Flannery:

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