Three Ideas for "Real" Change: Support States' Rights on Marijuana, Mandate Solar Panels of New Home Roofs, Ban All Assault Weapons

So the Obama administration has one chance for real change right now, with a couple more that are much needed. I live in Colorado, which has legalized marijuana, but the Obama administration has yet to respond on exactly what they’ll do about it. There’s some encouraging sentiment (and thought) expressed by Obama in a recent interview, here. My suggestion, which even fits the Republican “states’ rights” principle, is that we should let states decide the issue. I also think that once states see how much revenue could be generated by taxing it, and by reducing the amount spent on law enforcement and incarceration, that most will see the light. End this stupid Prohibition. It hasn’t worked, this asinine War on Drugs, but especially with regard to marijuana.
Another idea whose time has come is to mandate solar panels on all homes, but especially with new home construction. An op-ed in the New York Times made a good argument for it this week, here, written by no less than RFK Jr., too. The West tends to be sunny much of the time (even in winter), and it’s a waste of energy not to use it. Help out the home owners with tax breaks and incentives. Get this going.
Lastly, ban assault weapons. The arguments in favor of them don’t hold water. We’re all horrified by the Connecticut massacre, and afraid for our children. The assault weapons ban is the least we can do.

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